Book Review: UNBROKEN


Im so happy that I’m finally getting back into reading.  Reading is such a powerful tool that helps you develop your mind and makes you think more creatively. To add to my list of things I will talk about on this blog, I will now start adding the books that i have read or I am reading.  I thought the book, Unbroken, would be perfect for my first review.


It’s really hard for me to read fiction when there are true stories like this that are so captivating and keep you so glued its frustrating to put the book down. Unbroken is the type of book that lets you develop with the characters, that by the end of the book you can feel their pain and triumph as if you witnessed it in person.

I feel most people are mesmerized by war stories because most of them are told from first-hand experiences that are hard to fathom. Unbroken follows a fly squad through the Pacific Theater of World War II. The books main character, Louis Zamperini is the bombardier of a plane that ultimately find its final resting place in the ocean. Zamperini is also an Olympic athlete, wild by nature, and has the unwillingness to concede. From chasing girls, dropping bombs, fighting sharks, thirst, starvation and extreme brutality. This book is the ultimate guide to never giving up and the will to survive.

The amount of detail Laura Hillenbrand used describing each scene makes this book so vivid that without a doubt I could feel my own blood pressure rising. Zamperini is taken to hell and back multiple times and only through his endurance and drive to live allows us to grow in anger with him. But the end of the book is what makes Zamperini a true hero.