The Joy of the Holidays and a Little Me Time

For me, like most kids, the holidays were such an amazing time of year. Lot’s of food, candy, the school semester was winding down for winter break. A few short weeks of sleeping in and hanging with friends. As a family, we would always head up to the Tahoe and go snow skiing. I loved Winter. Basketball kept my brother’s and I busy. My parents would always be in tow and always cheering from the bench. We would have large family dinners, which was always fun to see my cousins.

And little by little, as I grew older, the joy and want to’s turned into bah’s and have to’s. Of course it’s easy to blame this on male adolescence and teenager hormones. The thought of rebeling seemed nice. I guess what I really wanted was to do my own thing. By high school, I tried to stay clear of the house. Not be told to go here or there and dress nice and smile. I wanted to play sports, stay over at friends houses and stay up late playing video games. This was my time. Even though rebeling seemed fine, I still always gave into the family activities.

Fast forward fifteen years to today.

My life in Sonoma is perfect. My wife, Megan, goes crazy everyday trying to keep up with our two and a half year old daughter, Miss Stella. At the same time she is being pulled to the couch by our three month old son, Sammy G, who loves to be held and constantly fed. Our dogs sit at the door looking for another playmate. And just as I’m out the door and on my way to work, I get to witness the storm of Stella brewing. Luckily for me, by the time I get home in the evening, our little ball of energy is starting to wind down. Anyone who says parenting is easy or would love to be a stay at home mom or dad for the fun of it is out of their minds. I am lucky to have such an amazing wife.

Every morning I try to be up by 6am and trying to find an hour of peace and quiet before the morning starts. During this time, I get to catch up on last nights emails and watch the stock market open up. This is also usually when I get a chance to research our future trips or my numerous ideas that I think of. By 7am the brood is awake and climbing down the stairs shouting the lyrics to different Disney movies. I try to help Megan as much as I can since my hour of zen is over and I know that soon I’ll have to head into the office.

Business is good and getting better. My involvement in the community through numerous non-profits is hectic but scheduled. My clients keep my busy and my teammates keep me motivated. Some days are very hectic and stressful and I have trouble keeping up, but when this happens the next day seems to calm down with enough time in between files and meetings for me to catch back up. Everything is running crazy but feels smooth.

Then… the holidays hit. Parties after dinners. Up at 2am and 4am with the sick kids, school recitals, photos, hang the lights, ballet recitals, more photos, more diapers. A second of me time? Yeah right! Decorate the tree, meetings for work, meetings for non-profits, more holiday parties. Loan apps, signings, closings, hooray! Don’t forget to get the holiday cards mailed. Head to the store for groceries, go to a different store for presents. Wheres my me time? Ring the bell back at the grocery store. Go to church, pick up the kids, Selfies! Drop off the kids, keep a smile on your face. Forgetting about the next party? Wheres the wine? Oh no! We’re late!

The constant onslaught of the holidays have become even more taxing than when I was a kid. And now I need to make sure Santa makes it to our house on Christmas Eve. “A pink bike, with a pink bucket and a pink helmet,” Miss Stella knows exactly what she wants from Santa. Thank goodness Sammy G just wants to be held.

All in all. I love my crazy and hectic life. I know, in a way, its not much different from others. And I know, others have it much harder or even nothing at all. Yet, with the different importances and crazinesses in my schedule, I’m just happy that I can remember to say thanks to everyone who is there for me, has been there for me and those who will always be there for me. And thank you to my love, Megan, for keeping it all together. The best part of the holidays and my non-stop schedule is that this time of year is surrounded with family. Lastly, the one thing that won’t change is that I must keep my hour of me time in the morning.



Introducing Miss Stella

FINALLY!!! The nine month journey my Wife and I started last year has come to an end.  Baby Stella was born on May 31st.  And if I had a nickel for every time someone told me that becoming a father or mother was the best thing that has ever happened to them, I’d be a millionaire.  But it is unbelievably true.  Even though Stella was born as a nine pound chunk, she is so precious and such a “cuddler”.  Everyday I wake up with a smile on my face when I see her sleeping in her bassinet next to the bed.  Okay enough of the ga-ga and time for some pictures.


"Pre Baby"

A last minute pregnancy photo before we went to the hospital.


Baby Stella finally resting after birth.


"Tiny Feet"

So soft and so small.


"My Chunk"

Instant love. There is nothing like it in the world.


"Ready Set Go"

All buckled in and ready to ride.


"Pink for Girl"

Finally, home.



Our dining table covered with amazing flowers, cards, and gifts for Megan and Baby Stella. Notice the framed portrait of Baby Stella’s Great Grandmother, Stella.



Megan was finally able to get some sleep with her new cuddle bug.



I guess the camera was a little too close.



Hanging out on a pillow



So calm and collected.



This shot was extremely hard to capture. But well worth it.

Needless to say, my wife, Megan and I are madly in love with our little baby girl.  And it is true; this is without a doubt the best thing that has ever happened to me!