Attack of the small chicken!

Yesterday afternoon my wife, Megan and I walked over to our neighbors house to trade a few bottles of my wine for his own. The friendly bartering turned into dinner and a tour of his chicken coop. I was shocked to find that the chickens he has been raising not only shelled out eggs a little larger than a quarter, but how beautiful these miniature chickens were.
Now I know everyone is used to the normal white or brown farm eggs you can pick up in every grocery store from Arkansas to Zimbabwe. But these little guys make it possible for me to have an eight egg omelet when in reality it’s the size of two to three normal sized eggs.
After my pleasing breakfast I thought it would only be right for me to throw some bones at these chickens and give them there own post.
As many chicken lovers know, there are many different breeds including many shapes, feather lengths and colors.


The little guys are called Nankin Bantams (pictured above). They are rare. But extraordinary in their own way. They are very friendly and also loyal enough that they wont fly away on their own but small enough that they will with the help of a hawk. Plus, they will also attract the likes of foxes and coyotes. So a fully enclosed pen is a must for a good nights sleep.
By the summertime I hope to have my fully functioning garden and chicken coop up and running. I think I’ll have to do a little more neighborly bartering for a Nankin Bantam or two to put in my own coop.

Egg comparison

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