The future is bright

Today I went over to Napa and met with our winemaker of our wine label, Three Fat Guys. We opened up and tasted from the barrels of our ’09, ’10, and ’11 vintages. I am extremely happy with how everything is tasting. The character was exceptional in our ’09 and we haven’t even started mixing the grapes from our two Cabernet vineyards. We’re hoping to bottle around April which is three months earlier than last year but the maturity of the juice shows its ready to graduate out of the barrel and into the glass.

Our 2010 vintage is already starting to take shape. So far it is very smooth yet creating a wonderful aroma.

Our 2011 vintage looks to be playing nicely after most of the wine country having a wish-wash year. Can’t wait to try it again next year after being in the barrels for a while.

Rick and Gustavo have done a great job for us and it’s definitely showing.



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